Memex Makes $106,000 Sale of MERLIN Product to Food Processor Club Coffee

Proactive Investors – April 16, 2014 – Memex Automation (CVE:OEE) said Wednesday it has sold $106,000 of the company’s flagship manufacturing productivity tool — named MERLIN — to Toronto-based Club Coffee, a custom coffee roaster in North America.

The company’s MERLIN product allows manufacturing companies to measure overall equipment effectiveness in real-time, enterprise-wide, machine by machine. It monitors production and capacity utilization on the shop floor, improving profitability, reducing waste and ensuring compliance with regulations.

The company’s tool enables customers to address production bottlenecks as they happen, converting idle time back into production and ultimately improving throughput and increasing income from plant operations.

“MERLIN enables Club Coffee to understand the root causes of machine downtime and how to convert unutilized time into production,” said CEO David McPhail in a release announcing the sale on Wednesday.

“This should signal to food processors and the sector that MERLIN can increase the efficiency of their operations by monitoring their machines in real-time and increasing overall profitability.”

Memex yesterday announced that it received the 2013 PEM Plant Engineering & Maintenance Award for best company under 50 employees. The awards were sponsored by FLIR Canada, Siemens Canada and Fluke Electronics Canada.

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