Memex MERLIN Wins Frost & Sullivan Award!

Memex Automation has just won the 2013 Technology Innovation Leadership award for Machine Monitoring Systems, as given by Frost & Sullivan, in an independent and comprehensive evaluation by their Best Practices Research group.

Memex MERLIN scored 9.4 out of 10 and was evaluated against a large well known enterprise MES supplier with a rating of 7.4 and others in the 6.4 range.  This shows that MERLIN is an enterprise class MES system.  With the recent endorsement from Microsoft as the MES solution of choice for discrete manufacturing, and with various machine tool builders adopting MERLIN in their technology centers, it is recognized as a very powerful solution.

MERLIN received a 10 out of 10 rating in the major categories of Impact on Customer Value, Uniqueness of the Technology and Relevance of the Innovation to the Industry, which shows that Memex indeed brings true manufacturing value to our customers.

The report’s conclusion states: “Frost & Sullivan is of the opinion that Memex Automation’s MERLIN solution is the best solution currently available on the market for the efficient management and monitoring of equipment efficiency in the manufacturing sector.”  And furthering customer value: “…equipping customers to best achieve their goals of reducing their operating costs by adopting standard M2M (Machine to Machine) communication protocols and thus passing on the savings to their customers.”

You may be interested to know that a comment in the report about why companies do not succeed with lean initiatives came down to 2 points; “There are two reasons for these failures:

  • Lack of seriousness in the adoption of lean methodologies and culture of the organization
  • Lack of efficient tools for aggregating and analyzing machine data, a process that is the heart of lean manufacturing implementation”

With an independent evaluation like this, Memex hopes that it will assist in your project comfort level to proceed.  If you and your team can accomplish the first point above, then Memex MERLIN can solve the second point.

If you would like a copy of the Frost & Sullivan report, please email us at The award ceremony is being held in mid-September in San Jose, California.