Fanuc Model 6 / 9 / 11 / 12 Memory Upgrades

Improve Machine Performance

  • MME 320 meters (128K) for Fanuc 6/11/12 (DKU-2120)
  • MME 1280 meters (512K) for Fanuc 6/11/12 (SKU-2140)
  • MME 1280 meters (512K) for Fanuc 9 (SKU-2141)
  • MME 5120 meters (2 Meg) for Fanuc 11/12 HSL Base (SKU-2170)

Having additional memory to store recurring part programs right at the machine means no time wasted fussing with file transfers.

The Memex Memory Engine (MME) replaces old Bubble Memory Units (BMUs) and upgrades memory capacity for your Fanuc 6, 9, 11, & 12 Series Machine Tool Controls and GE Fanuc RF Robots.

The MME has unique features such as Quickload, Parameter Sentry and our unique Perma-Charge Battery System that make it your premium Fanuc Bubble Memory Replacement option.

The MME represents great design that has stood the test of over 10 years of flawless use.


MEMEX - Fanuc 6/9/11/12 Memory Upgrades

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