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Manufacturers are experiencing end-of-life issues with DNC technologies.  They need to replace their old (in some cases 20+ years), often serial-based communication on Windows XP other unsupported systems. MEMEX is unique in that it offers a comprehensive DNC package poised to create a DNC renaissance.

MERLIN DNC is a new plug-in product for MERLIN that connects CNC machine tools for efficient transfer of CNC programs and other data. It has browser-based interfaces that work with the latest computers, tablets and smartphones.

With MERLIN DNC manufacturers can load, run (drip-feed) and save CNC programs with up to 1,000 machines simultaneously. MERLIN DNC works with machines equipped with Ethernet, RS- 232C and tape reader communication interfaces.

While it is a state-of-the-art DNC package in its own right, MERLIN DNC offers much more as it seamlessly integrates with  MERLIN Tempus.

Features & Benefits

  • Works with the MERLIN platform to provide a single-source manufacturing and IIoT solution.
  • Modern server-based software technology ensures reliability and longevity. Every machine is a node on the corporate network.
  • Browser interfaces let you monitor and control DNC using computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Works with the latest Ethernet-connected machines, as well as older RS-232C and punched-tape machines.
  • High-speed error-correcting wired or wireless FTP and Ethernet/RS-232C connections provide accurate and dependable part-program transfers.
  • Standard configurations for more than 100 controls simplify installation and support. On-screen operating instructions, machine parameter settings and alarm codes are included.
  • DNC events are recorded with part number and version to permit real-time monitoring, detailed analysis and reporting.
  • RS-232C connections are electrically isolated to prevent expensive equipment damage from electrical surges.
  • Remote DNC commands reduce setup time and eliminate shop-floor computers. File transfers are completed using only the machine’s control panel.
  • Mazak EIA and Mazatrol programs are transferred with ease using TAPE or CMT protocol. All Mazatrol formats are supported. File index display (name and comment), progress indication and program selection are standard.
  • High-speed drip-feeding of large files includes convenient mid-program restart and safe-start blocks.
  • Merlin DNC’s FTP server provides added value and ensures success by supporting filtering, formatting, file naming and detailed logging.
  • Automatic file comparison verifies accurate remote program loading. Automatic confirmation messages validate remote file saving.

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