MERLIN ERP Connector

A bi-synchronous interface to MERLIN

MEMEX - Manufacturing Productivity

The MERLIN Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connector is capable of a bi-synchronous import and export of work orders and their respective operational information from your ERP system.

Features & Benefits


  • Constantly scans the selected directory, or mapped drive as specified for ERP flat files
  • Automatically prioritizes and queues transactions by date / time stamp
  • Performs automatic data integrity tests on the data received within the ERP generated flat files
  • Outputs actual operational data collected against the work order upon completion or in Real-Time
  • Automatically imports product standards from ERP
  • Downloads shift schedule by machine from ERP
  • Creates work orders by machine from the finite schedule job queue
  • Generates operator list automatically
  • Integrates with MERLIN Operator Portal
  • Transfers good and rejected part counts along with Downtime Reason Events
  • Provides Run-Now functionality to immediately load machine Work Order
  • Offers integration to shop floor ERP transaction terminals


  • Access to accurate Real-Time OEE shop floor data
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors and scanning delays
  • Improve auto parts count and inventory accuracy
  • Provide accurate data for job costing

Next Steps